de|li|cious «dih LIHSH uhs», adjective.
1. very pleasing to taste or smell: »

delicious fruit, a delicious cake.

2. very pleasing; delightful: »

a delicious color combination.

[< Old French delicieus (with English -ous) < Late Latin dēliciōsus < dēliciae a delight < dēlicere entice; see etym. under delight (Cf.delight)]
de|li´cious|ly, adverb.
de|li´cious|ness, noun.
Synonym Study 1 Delicious, luscious mean delighting the senses. Delicious is used chiefly to mean delightfully pleasing in flavor, less often in fragrance or aroma: »

This dessert is delicious. The coffee smells delicious.

Luscious adds to delicious the suggestion of richness or sweetness, and when applied to fruit, ripeness or juiciness: »

a luscious apple pie.

De|li|cious «dih LIHSH uhs», noun.
a kind of red or yellow apple with a fine flavor.
[< delicious]

Useful english dictionary. 2012.

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